How it all began

almost a year ago, i bought a new dslr camera.  it is the love of my life.  it captures everything i see - the things i love, the people i love, the amazing things i see - just a little view of my life.  in 2011, i turned 27.  and to celebrate 27, i decided to challenge myself to take one picture each day of my 27th year.  that means when it is cold and snowy out, i take a picture.  if it is so hot out that i just want air conditioning, i take a picture.  if i am sick, picture.  if i am driving in the car, picture.  if i am enamored by life, picture.  everyday.  365 days of pictures.  and i have challenged myself not to recycle pictures that i've already taken.  everyday is a fresh view.  why blog it?  well, not because i think someone is going to view this or that it is even worthy of a view -  but, really, it is a way to store my pictures along with a few thoughts scattered throughout.  and it will keep me going on those days where i just want my camera to stay in the little personalized camera cozy i made for it.  heck, i haven't even named my camera yet.  so, here is the start of my year.  this first post will contain pictures from 3/16 and 3/17.  face it, i was too busy celebrating to even fathom setting this blog up - and i didn't have a name yet.  but, today, i decided to name it "life behind the lens" - because really, you won't be privy to all of my thoughts for each picture, but i hope that each picture reminds me what this little life of mine is all about.

i started out the evening with my amazing sister and some casey's taco pizza. 

ended with some amazing friends and a bday cake.


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