3.18.11 - take two.

well, my initial pic of the day didn't format correctly on my computer (take one of 3.18).  needless to say, i figured this out after i had deleted my photo card.  my next option was to find something to take a picture of - something i love - something exciting about today that can make me feel better about losing those pictures!  normally there would be no explanation, but i don't want to forget the little shortcomings that do come along.  so, here is a pic of my new bliss.  some of you may know my new obsession with making amy butler purses - which overflows into my love for amy butler bedding!  here is my amazing steal from tj maxx - new a. butler bedding.  i just put them on my bed and will be loving them tonight.  not to mention that i have NO pics of my finished quilt, so that is also included.  so - here is take #2 of 3.18.  enjoy.

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