my normal evening routine

so, i guess i am going to explain this one.  i know, i know - i said i would try and explain as little as possible.  this needs some explanation - not the picture itself but the meaning behind it.   on most nights of the week, hol and i share a meal.  it might be one of my favorite things about my life right now.  she is so funny.  we send each other meal ideas during the day.  one of us goes to the store.  one of us cooks - we both eat - then the other cleans up.  then, after all of that, hol always lights the candle on the stove and turns off the kitchen light.  mainly because she heard that turning off the kitchen lights tricks the mind to think the kitchen is off limits =)  otherwise, i'd consume more than enough fruit bars.  this has just become a routine.  i love it.  i love getting to spend time with holly.  the picture tonight represents my contentment in my routine.  i am blessed!  anyway - gross - that sounds sappy.  i'll post this and then be done =) 


3.18.11 - take two.

well, my initial pic of the day didn't format correctly on my computer (take one of 3.18).  needless to say, i figured this out after i had deleted my photo card.  my next option was to find something to take a picture of - something i love - something exciting about today that can make me feel better about losing those pictures!  normally there would be no explanation, but i don't want to forget the little shortcomings that do come along.  so, here is a pic of my new bliss.  some of you may know my new obsession with making amy butler purses - which overflows into my love for amy butler bedding!  here is my amazing steal from tj maxx - new a. butler bedding.  i just put them on my bed and will be loving them tonight.  not to mention that i have NO pics of my finished quilt, so that is also included.  so - here is take #2 of 3.18.  enjoy.


How it all began

almost a year ago, i bought a new dslr camera.  it is the love of my life.  it captures everything i see - the things i love, the people i love, the amazing things i see - just a little view of my life.  in 2011, i turned 27.  and to celebrate 27, i decided to challenge myself to take one picture each day of my 27th year.  that means when it is cold and snowy out, i take a picture.  if it is so hot out that i just want air conditioning, i take a picture.  if i am sick, picture.  if i am driving in the car, picture.  if i am enamored by life, picture.  everyday.  365 days of pictures.  and i have challenged myself not to recycle pictures that i've already taken.  everyday is a fresh view.  why blog it?  well, not because i think someone is going to view this or that it is even worthy of a view -  but, really, it is a way to store my pictures along with a few thoughts scattered throughout.  and it will keep me going on those days where i just want my camera to stay in the little personalized camera cozy i made for it.  heck, i haven't even named my camera yet.  so, here is the start of my year.  this first post will contain pictures from 3/16 and 3/17.  face it, i was too busy celebrating to even fathom setting this blog up - and i didn't have a name yet.  but, today, i decided to name it "life behind the lens" - because really, you won't be privy to all of my thoughts for each picture, but i hope that each picture reminds me what this little life of mine is all about.

i started out the evening with my amazing sister and some casey's taco pizza. 

ended with some amazing friends and a bday cake.